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As we end the first week of the two week wait, I can’t help but think about and hope for i.mplan.tation spot.ting.  I would not be so obsessed with im.plantation if Violet had not experienced it with her first pregnancy. This of course, made me wonder how common it is.

So I am taking a poll…..Ddid you experience implan.tation spotting??


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10 thoughts on “Poll

  1. No spotting, but her BBT dipped and then jumped up again. Not sure if you’re doing daily temps.

  2. No spotting. I didn’t temp either it was too stressful. The cycle I ended up pregnant I thought I had caught a horrible cold around 11dpo. I was super stuffed up and exhausted. Other then that I felt normal. No additional symptoms.

  3. No spotting for me either, and I had stopped temping early as I thought we were out…no symptoms either..just saying 🙂

    • Schroedinger on said:

      I am “replying” only to try to trick WP into posting my response. I had implantation spotting on 11 dpo– and on my chemical pregnancy cyle, I had it on 13dpo.

  4. Schroedinger on said:

    Yes– 11 dpo (And yes also on the previous cycle, a chemical pregnancy, on 13dpo)

    Good luck!!!

  5. Nope, no spotting here… I just felt very “full” in my abdomen and had lots of cramping.

  6. no spotting here either (for either of us). my only “sign” was crampiness – i thought for sure my period was about to start at ~ 12dpo. oops! hang in there, im rooting for ya’ll!!

  7. no spotting here either.

  8. Yes. About 2 days before the + stick with both the m/c and the one that stuck.

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