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Wrong Choice?

This afternoon I was thinking back to the transfer day and remembered how our doctor did not use  ultrasound when doing the transfer. At the time I did not notice that he used  , what I have now learned is called,  the”clinical touuch” when transferring the embryos , but today it struck me odd. I thought that all embryo transfers were done with the assistance of a ultrasound machine so that the RE would be able to eye where he/she was placing the embryos.

I looked up some studies this afternoon and it appears that there is a difference! Past studies have shown that IVF embryo transfers with the use of an ultrasound machine had a better success rate. Here is an exert from one of many studies I found that support this…

                               There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups with respect to age, cause of infertility and in the characteristics of the IVF cycle. The pregnancy rate was significantly higher among the ultrasound-guided embryo transfer group (50%) compared with the clinical touch group (33.7%) (P < 0.002). Furthermore, there was also a significant increase in the implantation rate: 25.3% in the ultrasound group compared with 18.1% in the clinical touch group (P < 0.05). In conclusion, ultrasound assistance in embryo transfer significantly improved pregnancy and implantation rates in IVF.

 It seems so quick and easy to use ultrasound during the transfer; I am not sure why our RE would not have done so. I am not an RE, but it actually seems like common sense to me. We have spent so much money on this cycle and are very emotionally invested as well,  that I am utterly frustrated that this could cause Violet not getting pregnant. Something so simple. This was our one and only last chance at IVF.

 We picked this RE because we felt that he was one of the best around. Now I am questioning our choice in RE’s because I am not sure if he gave Violet and I the best care.  

Am I being ridiculous? Over emotional?


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3 thoughts on “Wrong Choice?

  1. The head doctor & founder of our clinic does not use an ultrasound either. We found it odd too, but never thought that it was a bad thing… He is one of the best doctors of the group…

    I hope that his clinical touch did the job!

  2. new look for the blog? i like it!

    as for the RE, if he was one of the best around before, then he’s still one of the best around. this one detail does not change that.

  3. Our clinic does not do ultrasound guided transfers, but has success rates higher than those at a nearby clinic who does.

    With only 4 eggs to start, 2 viable embryo’s and a 5 day unguided transfer, we have a beautiful little boy.

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