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The Crazies Have Started

Today is 7dp3dt (10 days past retrieval/ovulation). This is when I start to really get excited and impatient. I want to start chasing Violet around with hpt’s. Crazy, I know.

Symptoms and Signs: Since she is on the evil P (still need to write a post on the fun mood swings that creates), all the normal/typical signs like fatigue, sore breasts have to be discounted. But, there are a few things that have happened that I think are good signs that are not induced by the evil P. First, this morning, she reported that in the middle of the night she was woken up twice with cramping. The cramping only lasted less than a minute each time. Implantation cramping on day 9/10 past ovulation/retrieval, maybe?  I think it is a possibility.

Today she has texted to tell me that she has had some bouts of dizziness. Lets hope it is not caused by low blood sugar.

There are no other signs to report on and I will try to remain calm the next few days…… It is so hard from 10dpo to 14 dpo.


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4 thoughts on “The Crazies Have Started

  1. naw, that isn’t crazy. i remember wondering if i could stick an hpt in an unflushed toliet and get an accurate reading! 😉 it’s maddening when you aren’t the one in control of the urine stream!!

    keeping my fingers crossed…

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who wondered about the validity of a hpt dipped into an unflushed toilet ;_)

  3. on the edge of my sit over here…so excited for you gals. ::good luck:: getting through this 2ww!

  4. *seat* on the edge of my seat.

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