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Breath deep…….it will happen…..

……I have to tell this to myself daily as I watch my colleague’s 7 month pregnant belly stare at me from across our shared classroom.  V’s due date and hers was a week apart, it is a torturous reminder of what occurred. WE are still waiting for AF. V has never had a cycle this long. I feel like cursing, screaming and crying out of frustration. In seven months we have only gotten to do two  inseminations. Seriously?!?!?   Exhale….. Breath deep……………it will happen……………



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3 thoughts on “Breath deep…….it will happen…..

  1. sigh…so frustrating. sorry 😦

  2. poppycat on said:

    I’m sorry sweetheart. I have been there before too and it’s not fun. I hope your chance is right around the corner.

  3. I’m so sorry there has been so much waiting and frustration and sadness for you two. I know how frustrating it can be when everyone else seems to be speeding by you on the TTC journey. I hope AF shows up soon- how inconsiderate of her to be so late!

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