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1 point for Team Us

We are back in the game ladies… is CD 1. We are so happy,  excited and very positive about this cycle.  Over the past month we have celebrated a lot of good news in blog world;  with babies being born and positive pregnancy tests,  I am hopeful that in a few weeks we can jump on the bandwagon of good news.

Let me say that AF could not have come at a better time. Over the weekend I was feeling negatively effected by our TTC journey. I am fully aware this is our journey and we have to take what is given to us, as ultimately we have minimal control over it all, but there are still bad days and good days…and lets be honest, even worse days. So I needed this to pick me back up , have hope and look towards our future.



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6 thoughts on “1 point for Team Us

  1. so glad you’re back on the crazy TTC train. here’s to CD1. we’re thinking of you.

  2. Wishing you much luck as always on this go-round.

  3. YAY!! Great news!

  4. Hooray! Best of luck for this cycle, ladies.

  5. We’re new on here but are going through and documenting the same process.

    Tons of luck to you!!!

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