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Speed Bump

First off,  I would love to congratulate my brilliant partner for her promotion at work today!!I know that she will shine in this new position and I couldn’t be happier for her. Not only is she going to have a more rewarding position, we are also gonna to have roughly the same hours and might be able to car pool together to work…as long as I can shave off some of my own working hours. I, as do my sister and my dad, have a tendency to work long hours. Her old job had her working Saturdays and till 8:00pm three weekday nights. Yuck! We hated it and are excited about the extra time we will have together.

Today V had her post op check up with our OB/GYN. Dr. O’N said that everything seems to be fine and she gave us the green light for sex again. We are very pleased. 🙂 On the bad side she altered her original statement of waiting one to two cycles before trying again to waiting two cycles. Blahh! I was not pleased at all about this. We were really hoping to be able to try again in September.  I now know more than ever that we are at the mercy of V’s body, but we were really hoping to try and get pregnant before November, since I am a teacher and am off for eight weeks in the summer. Which is eight weeks that I would be able to stay home and be with the baby. I was so looking forward to that bonding time, plus it would allow us to postpone daycare till the baby was atleast 16 weeks old. Also this time was very important because I do not get maternity leave to be home with the baby. So, looks like we will try in October and then have to skip November/December  because we do not want a August/September due date because school starts back and I work like  60-70 hours a week the first few months of a new school year. Aggravated about the whole thing! Due to the miscarriage we lost the perfect months for us to try and get pregnant which leaves us with the months that we didn’t want to try to get pregnant.   When will we stop getting shitty news??

-Peony…or recently feel like…Debbie Downer


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4 thoughts on “Speed Bump

  1. First, congrats to V on that promotion! It sounds a wonderful shift in your life together.

  2. Congratulations on the promotion! That says a lot, especially in this economy. I’m sorry to hear you have to sit out more cycles than originally planned. Taking time off always makes me feel so restless. On the other hand, it’s good that your doctor is being very up front with you and letting you know when you’ll have the best chance of getting pregnant again. Sperm is so shockingly expensive, you wouldn’t want to spend the money if it wasn’t a good time to try. It’s unfortunate that this is messing up your timeline of when you’d like your baby to be born. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but TTC is like the first lesson in parenting. Despite all your careful efforts, things will never go exactly according to plan. But somehow it will all work out, and when it does, you won’t be able to imagine your life any differently.

  3. That is excellent news about V’s promotion. Congrats, V!
    Hope your waiting period goes by superfast.

  4. congrats on the promotion for sure! how exciting!!

    as for the waiting and the failed plans, i hear you. oh how it sucks. i am enjoying wollowing (how do you spell that?) this week. hope you are feeling better.

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