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Still Here

 All that has happened in our household in regards to TTC is that I ordered some new ovulation detection strips. They have arrived and they sit in our bathroom waiting till they can be used. Alright, I have caught you all up on our current TTC.  Now that we are not in the process of trying to get pregnant I don’t  know what to write in this blog. We are just at a stand still waiting for V to go through two cycles.


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2 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Hey, you’re more than just a person trying to get pregnant! Have fun with the blog while you’re on a little TTC break. Tell us more about you. Tell us a funny story from when you were a kid. Make a list of your 10 favorite movies and get everyone else to submit their lists. Anything goes!

  2. I second what Gayby said. Let’s hear more about you!

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