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Control No More

  These are the things I can do and control……..I kiss V’s belly and talk to Poppy every evening before we go to bed. I rub lotion on V’s body. I continue to make my lovely lady and Poppy dinner each night. I pack their lunch every morning and pay special attention to make sure to pick out items that result in well rounded meals with a variety of nutrients. I continue to also do any strenuous work around the house and make sure the sheets are always clean for V to rest her head on when she is tired. Every day, I read something from the now extensive pregnancy and baby library that we have in our bedroom. I browse many pregnancy sites to be as informed as possible. I then regurgitate this information to V when she gets home for work.  These things I can control in this pregnancy.

Therefore, with this in mind, I have resigned my negative feelings towards the progression of this pregnancy. I have to really adhere to the idea that most of this pregnancy is out of my control.  So I do what I can and have to let the rest go and understand that I really have no control whether or not this is the baby we will get to cuddle, kiss, love and raise. I feel much better now that I have let this all go and am back to enjoying V’s pregnancy.

I went out shopping yesterday-to waste time and bought a few cute things. I bought one present for V and two for Poppy.  Here are the two outfits I got Poppy. There were on sale at Carter’s; so I didn’t feel too bad about buying them! 🙂 They are so darling.

I love love love the ducks on these two pieces.

I love love love the ducks on these two pieces.


Everything else has pretty much been the same around here. Yesterday,I had to go into school to meet with the other special education teacher at my building and she suprised me with her own ultra sound picture. She is one week ahead of V!! I am so excited for her and her husband. It will make for a very  interesting February with both if us out for awhile! I think the general education teachers will have a slight melt down when they find out. Our students can be …..ummm….very challenging.
V is currently interviewing and preparing power points for a promotion. This is very exciting for us for a few reasons… One being that she will have much better hours–we will actually have two days off together each week!! She and I will be working pretty much the same hours. Awesome. But, wait. This is also a bad thing because the baby will have to spend more time in daycare, therefore we will be spending more money on daycare. Hmmmm. But, on the other hand we will get more “family time” together. Which is so important for us to have time together with the baby. If she keeps her current job, we will each feel like single parents for 3/4of the week. So deciding if she takes the job has become a really hard decision for us. If she takes the job then she will have nights and weekends free to go back to school, which is a major plus since her job is not really one that she wants to have for the rest of her life. Money, Money, Money—usually a mjor factor when deciding to take another job. Sadly,  it is not much of a player in this decision because the promotion only gives a 3% raise due to the economy.  So I am not sure where we will go with this, but it feels good to write it out.
I feel like this part of  the pregnancy is a bit boring in regards to blogging because there is not much going on…so sorry for all that read and are bored!

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3 thoughts on “Control No More

  1. We have that same duck-footed onesie, and got it right around the same time you guys did in our pregnancy! 🙂

    Hang in there!

  2. Sounds like you’re taking great care of your girl!!

  3. oh those sleepers are precious. i love them. yeah that part of pregnancy does go rather slow and can be a bit boring. just remember to stay occupied. once we passed the 12 week mark..the pregnancy just flew by from that point. great job on taking care of your lady. thats all we “not pregnancy mothers” can take really good care of the “pregnant mothers” and baby.

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