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Nature Vs. Nurture

P: I was very pleasantly surprised to get on the blog a few days and see a posting by V. The post was so sweet and made my heart smile. I, as I am sure many of you do, feel as if I get to raise a family with the most perfect person. Just glancing over at her makes my heart jump a beat and a smile erupt on my face.  I really get to go through life with her by my side; that pretty much rocks.

Tomorrow morning V is going to start tracking her ovulation cycle via basal thermometer. She was actually supposed to be doing this for about a week now, but has not gotten into the routine of doing so. I am excited about tracking her temperature because it will give us a better idea of what month we will be able to have our first insemination. We are going on vacation the week of July 4th and want to wait to try until after we return. Having her ovulation/cycle information will aid us in predicting her future dates and let us know if we will be in town when she will be ovulating in July. I am really hoping we will be in town for her July ovulation. I am ready!

Lastly, we have restarted the exciting process of choosing a donor. We had previously picked a donor out through Fairfax Cyrobank. We really liked him because he seemed to possess many characteristics that V had, which was very important because at that time we thought I was going to be the only one carrying. Now that we are both going to carry we want to make sure that we find a donor that is a good representation of both of us. “Shopping” for sperm is so scary for me. I can’t help but stop thinking of the possible undesirable genetic influences that could be passed on to our children. I can take care of the nurture aspect of raising our child, but only have 50% influence over the nature aspect of this child. (Actually I have no nature input since V is carrying, but I  am atleast confident in her stable mental health) Have any of you used Fairfax? Any suggestions on any banks? Or any suggestions on how to get through the whole process?


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4 thoughts on “Nature Vs. Nurture

  1. I always recommend the bank we used because they were also so nice and helpful, very affordable as compared to some other banks, and we got pregnant on the third try with their high quality sperm-

  2. reproducinggenius on said:

    I have to second Strawberry. We used the same bank, and we had great experiences with them all around. After over a year of disappointments with a known donor, we got pregnant using NW sperm on the third try. It’s also SO much more affordable than the other big banks. Also, I don’t know if you plan to do home inseminations or not, but they will ship to your house. You can have the tank for about a week, which is handy if you’re going out of town for a few days (you can just take the tank with you!). We did home insems and had great results. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions. I’m happy to share what I know. Good luck, girls!

    • alimis on said:

      Thank you for your comment. It is so nice to have support from others who have gone through this. It is a very exciting and also a little scary time for us. I think the excitement will outrule all.

  3. reproducinggenius on said:

    I certainly understand both the excitement and fear. It’s a big journey you’re embarking upon, and it can certainly have its ups and downs. It’s great that you’re planning in advance, though, and figuring so much out now. Keep poking around everyone’s blogrolls too; you’ll find a lot of great support out in this community!

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