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The Crazies Have Started

Today is 7dp3dt (10 days past retrieval/ovulation). This is when I start to really get excited and impatient. I want to start chasing Violet around with hpt’s. Crazy, I know.

Symptoms and Signs: Since she is on the evil P (still need to write a post on the fun mood swings that creates), all the normal/typical signs like fatigue, sore breasts have to be discounted. But, there are a few things that have happened that I think are good signs that are not induced by the evil P. First, this morning, she reported that in the middle of the night she was woken up twice with cramping. The cramping only lasted less than a minute each time. Implantation cramping on day 9/10 past ovulation/retrieval, maybe?  I think it is a possibility.

Today she has texted to tell me that she has had some bouts of dizziness. Lets hope it is not caused by low blood sugar.

There are no other signs to report on and I will try to remain calm the next few days…… It is so hard from 10dpo to 14 dpo.



As we end the first week of the two week wait, I can’t help but think about and hope for i.mplan.tation spot.ting.  I would not be so obsessed with im.plantation if Violet had not experienced it with her first pregnancy. This of course, made me wonder how common it is.

So I am taking a poll…..Ddid you experience implan.tation spotting??

Wrong Choice?

This afternoon I was thinking back to the transfer day and remembered how our doctor did not use  ultrasound when doing the transfer. At the time I did not notice that he used  , what I have now learned is called,  the”clinical touuch” when transferring the embryos , but today it struck me odd. I thought that all embryo transfers were done with the assistance of a ultrasound machine so that the RE would be able to eye where he/she was placing the embryos.

I looked up some studies this afternoon and it appears that there is a difference! Past studies have shown that IVF embryo transfers with the use of an ultrasound machine had a better success rate. Here is an exert from one of many studies I found that support this…

                               There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups with respect to age, cause of infertility and in the characteristics of the IVF cycle. The pregnancy rate was significantly higher among the ultrasound-guided embryo transfer group (50%) compared with the clinical touch group (33.7%) (P < 0.002). Furthermore, there was also a significant increase in the implantation rate: 25.3% in the ultrasound group compared with 18.1% in the clinical touch group (P < 0.05). In conclusion, ultrasound assistance in embryo transfer significantly improved pregnancy and implantation rates in IVF.

 It seems so quick and easy to use ultrasound during the transfer; I am not sure why our RE would not have done so. I am not an RE, but it actually seems like common sense to me. We have spent so much money on this cycle and are very emotionally invested as well,  that I am utterly frustrated that this could cause Violet not getting pregnant. Something so simple. This was our one and only last chance at IVF.

 We picked this RE because we felt that he was one of the best around. Now I am questioning our choice in RE’s because I am not sure if he gave Violet and I the best care.  

Am I being ridiculous? Over emotional?

Numbers and Grades

I am a numbers kind of gal and like to know the specifics. I do not do well when things are explained to me with words such as alright, good, pretty well, etc. Therefore, I was disappointed, maybe even a bit agitated, that during the transfer I didn’t get the grades on each embryo. Today, my  sweet girl called the RE’s office to find out more than “they look good”, which is what our RE told us the day of the transfer.

8 Cell Grade 1

8 Cell Grade 2

9 Cell Grade 3

Pretty much all I know is that 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. Anyone well versed on embryo grades? School me if so!

Having more information about the embryos transferred makes me feel much better about transferring 3. I very highly doubt that we will have a triplet situation on our hands. Now I can go back to worrying that one little guy/gal implants and hangs around for 9 more months. STICK!!!!!

Not Looking Back

Today has been a wonderful day to transfer!  The RE said that Violet’s eggs did better than he expected. Three embryos were “very good” and one “not as good”, according to Dr. Awadalla.

Our RE’s practice transfers 3 embryos for patients 36 and older. We were nervous about that number, so before the transfer we discussed how many embroys we wanted to transfer and came to a decision of 2.  Clearly we are not ones for sticking to our guns because we ended up transferring  3. I am slightly pretty much nervous about transferring 3, but Violet’s RE said that the chance of triplets is 3% and chance of twins is 25%. He also said that freezing just one embryo does not always end successfully. I am not sure why, I wish I would have asked though. Anyway, those stats did not sound too scary. Anyone else transfer 3??

Below is a hyperlink to a pic of the three embryos. We think they look great and are sort of smitten by them.


Over the Moon

We just got the fertilization call.

It was a good call. All four eggs fertilized…or as the nurse said “We have four embryos!!”.

Violet’s 2dt transfer has been converted to a 3dt so that we can see how the four embies continue to grow.

I am over the moon that all four fertilized. I am a realist and am well aware of the hills we still need to navigate, such as having these four  progress well and  diving continueand growing, but I feel good that we are at least over one of the major obstacles.  

Thank you all for such great words of encouragement and support. I will update tomorrow after our RE’s office calls with an update of our embies.

Retrieved and Relieved

Thank you for all the good luck vibes you have sent our way this morning. The retrieval went well this morning andViolet is now snuggled up in our bed sleeping and relaxing. Violet’s nurses were sweet and kind and the RE was positive as always.

The RE said that there were five follicles, but only four contained an egg. He said the eggs that were retrieved were a size and they will be calling with a fertilization report tomorrow morning.   Violet’s eggs are marked as “possible ICSI”, it all depends on the mobility or morphology of the swimmers. We are hoping they will not need to do ICSI, but we are okay if they have to. We trust their judgement.

Before Violet was wheeled back into the operating room, the nurse made a comment about how typically 50% fertilize. IVF come upon us so fast that I did not do as much research as I did with clomid, IUI’s, etc. and did not know that only about 50% fertilized. I am very glad that she mentioned this before we received our fertilization report tomorrow because I think I would have had higher expectations.  

Transfer is set for MOnday at 11:30.. Please, please,please let there be two high quality embryos from the four.

Smack Dab In the Middle

In 12 hours we will be awake and on our way out the door to make our way to the RE’s office for the egg retrieval. I am feeling really good and excited about the retrieval and transfer.  The next three days will be packed and will go by in a flash.

On our agenda…Saturday morning retrieval, Sunday morning fertilization report and Monday morning transfer!

Wish us luck!

Coming Along

Tuesday’s visit at the RE went as expected. Violet still has 4 follicles that are all similar in size. So, no more additional follicles decided to show up, but we are okay with this. I am having a “it is what it is” attitude with the whole low follicle count and after my initial meltdown I have accepted it. So with that said, we are staying positive and enjoying this IVF cycle.

Tonight was the Violet’s last night of injectables before the trigger shot tomorrow. I will glad to empty those two pre filled syringes of Ovidrel into her body tomorrow evening at 8:30pm because I know how much she hates needles and I am ready for her to be done with this portion of IVF.

While at the RE’s on Tuesday, the RE let us know that the retrieval will be on Saturday and the transfer will be Monday morning. I was not expecting a 2dt, but I did some google searches and a 2dt makes sense with her follicle count. Since we will not have a lot of fertilized eggs to choose from, it is best to get the ones that have fertilized back into her warm uterus instead of a petri dish. I am feeling good about the 2dt, even though before Tuesday I did not know that there were any options beside a 3dt and a 5dt. Learning as we go.

I have been fairly lax (with the exception of last Saturday) during this IVF cycle. Sometimes so lax that  I forget about how big of a deal it is that we are doing IVF. I can remember back to the days that Violet and I thought IVF would not be an option for us and now here we are in the middle of it all. I have a feeling this tww wait, which starts on this upcoming Monday, is going to be torturous.


Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post. I am feeling more positive and looking forward to going to the RE’s tomorrow. I appreciate this community so much!

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