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Numbers and Grades

I am a numbers kind of gal and like to know the specifics. I do not do well when things are explained to me with words such as alright, good, pretty well, etc. Therefore, I was disappointed, maybe even a bit agitated, that during the transfer I didn’t get the grades on each embryo. Today, my  sweet girl called the RE’s office to find out more than “they look good”, which is what our RE told us the day of the transfer.

8 Cell Grade 1

8 Cell Grade 2

9 Cell Grade 3

Pretty much all I know is that 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. Anyone well versed on embryo grades? School me if so!

Having more information about the embryos transferred makes me feel much better about transferring 3. I very highly doubt that we will have a triplet situation on our hands. Now I can go back to worrying that one little guy/gal implants and hangs around for 9 more months. STICK!!!!!


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3 thoughts on “Numbers and Grades

  1. yeah for numbers and sticky-sticky thoughts!

  2. prettyisa on said:

    I’m like that, too. Glad you found out–now stick!

  3. I am the very same way. I guess it helps me feel somewhat in control of a situation I have no control over at all…

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