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Not Looking Back

Today has been a wonderful day to transfer!  The RE said that Violet’s eggs did better than he expected. Three embryos were “very good” and one “not as good”, according to Dr. Awadalla.

Our RE’s practice transfers 3 embryos for patients 36 and older. We were nervous about that number, so before the transfer we discussed how many embroys we wanted to transfer and came to a decision of 2.  Clearly we are not ones for sticking to our guns because we ended up transferring  3. I am slightly pretty much nervous about transferring 3, but Violet’s RE said that the chance of triplets is 3% and chance of twins is 25%. He also said that freezing just one embryo does not always end successfully. I am not sure why, I wish I would have asked though. Anyway, those stats did not sound too scary. Anyone else transfer 3??

Below is a hyperlink to a pic of the three embryos. We think they look great and are sort of smitten by them.



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13 thoughts on “Not Looking Back

  1. they are very beautiful. i’m thinking stick thoughts for you guys!

  2. They are so beautiful. Rest up and I’ll be thinking lots of sticky thoughts.

  3. I can’t see the pic, but I’m super excited about your three embies! Sending lots of good sticky vibes to you!

  4. Very cute embies!!

  5. They look good to me! Fingers crossed.

  6. Wishing you much stickiness!

  7. Such cute little embies! Keeping my fingers crossed for your beta!

  8. It sounds perfect! I’m so excited for those little embies!

  9. Very nice looking embies! We transferred 3 embryos and one ended up sticking! We liked the odds that our RE gave us transferring 3 gave us a 50% chance of a successful cycle. Those odds out weighed the much smaller chance of multiples for us. Heres some stickiness headed your way!!

  10. jilldab on said:

    Wohoo! Hope your two weeks go quickly!

  11. They are beautiful looking embies! I’m throwing sticky dust all over you, feel it?!?!

    I think that transfering 3 is a good thing, I always think more is better. I wanted to do 3 my last cycle but they wouldn’t let me.

  12. Natalie on said:

    My, what darling embryos!

  13. so excited for ya’ll!!! i’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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