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Retrieved and Relieved

Thank you for all the good luck vibes you have sent our way this morning. The retrieval went well this morning andViolet is now snuggled up in our bed sleeping and relaxing. Violet’s nurses were sweet and kind and the RE was positive as always.

The RE said that there were five follicles, but only four contained an egg. He said the eggs that were retrieved were a size and they will be calling with a fertilization report tomorrow morning.   Violet’s eggs are marked as “possible ICSI”, it all depends on the mobility or morphology of the swimmers. We are hoping they will not need to do ICSI, but we are okay if they have to. We trust their judgement.

Before Violet was wheeled back into the operating room, the nurse made a comment about how typically 50% fertilize. IVF come upon us so fast that I did not do as much research as I did with clomid, IUI’s, etc. and did not know that only about 50% fertilized. I am very glad that she mentioned this before we received our fertilization report tomorrow because I think I would have had higher expectations.  

Transfer is set for MOnday at 11:30.. Please, please,please let there be two high quality embryos from the four.


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3 thoughts on “Retrieved and Relieved

  1. Glad everything went so well and Violet is now resting. Sending lots of good wishes for super fertilization and transfer!

  2. Good luck! Will be anxiously awaiting the fertilization report.

  3. so anxious to hear news. i wish you gals nothing but luck! stay positive!

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