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Coming Along

Tuesday’s visit at the RE went as expected. Violet still has 4 follicles that are all similar in size. So, no more additional follicles decided to show up, but we are okay with this. I am having a “it is what it is” attitude with the whole low follicle count and after my initial meltdown I have accepted it. So with that said, we are staying positive and enjoying this IVF cycle.

Tonight was the Violet’s last night of injectables before the trigger shot tomorrow. I will glad to empty those two pre filled syringes of Ovidrel into her body tomorrow evening at 8:30pm because I know how much she hates needles and I am ready for her to be done with this portion of IVF.

While at the RE’s on Tuesday, the RE let us know that the retrieval will be on Saturday and the transfer will be Monday morning. I was not expecting a 2dt, but I did some google searches and a 2dt makes sense with her follicle count. Since we will not have a lot of fertilized eggs to choose from, it is best to get the ones that have fertilized back into her warm uterus instead of a petri dish. I am feeling good about the 2dt, even though before Tuesday I did not know that there were any options beside a 3dt and a 5dt. Learning as we go.

I have been fairly lax (with the exception of last Saturday) during this IVF cycle. Sometimes so lax that  I forget about how big of a deal it is that we are doing IVF. I can remember back to the days that Violet and I thought IVF would not be an option for us and now here we are in the middle of it all. I have a feeling this tww wait, which starts on this upcoming Monday, is going to be torturous.


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5 thoughts on “Coming Along

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling ‘go with the flow-ish’ about the cycle. I haven’t heard of a 2dt either but it does make sense. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good news then more good news then the best news there is!

  2. I have never heard of a 2dt until these ladies had one not too long ago:

    I’ll be thinking of you ladies this weekend. Smooth sailing with the ret and strong embies!!

  3. I just went and caught up on challengesofbecoming2moms story and it’s quite inspiring. A 2dt sounds like a perfect plan! Thinking of you often and sending luck and love.

  4. Glad to hear things are coming along. I hope all goes well with the retrieval.

  5. Glad to hear that things are progressing. Doing a 2dt makes lots of sense–put those embies into their nest and let them settle in for the long haul!

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