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all in

Earlier today Violet and I did it. We finally  committed ourselves…to the world of IVF. We had another consult visit with our RE, this time the consult was focused only on IVF and not other options. We also meet with a financial counselor at the clinic and got some information there. A few scary moments, but all in all it went well. Poor Violet had to end the visit with a wanding from our brilliant, but rough RE.  We are really excited and are scheduled for our “IVF Educational Day” next Tuesday. It is late and I am exhausted, but more to come later……….


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8 thoughts on “all in

  1. exciting!!! im eager to read more and will be rooting for that bfp!!

  2. That’s great news! All the best

  3. all aboard! It sounds like the right move, it can be scary (and expensive) but the odds seem pretty good 🙂

  4. Good news! It will be a crazy journey but well worth it in the end!!!!

  5. how exciting. wishing you the best with this!

  6. I’m so excited for you – what a huge step. I do love forward motion – I hope this is the perfect direction for you.

  7. jilldab on said:

    Seriously the best decision i ever made was to move to IVF. Fingers crossed this is true for you and Violet as well!

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