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protected post coming soon

I have promised a lot of pics lately, but haven’t delivered on that promise and feel bad about that. To fix that I am going to  be putting up a password protected post of some pictures of vacation and our new house. If you would like the password, email ( me or leave a comment with your email address.


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7 thoughts on “protected post coming soon

  1. id love the password, if you dont mind sharing w/me.

  2. am i too late on the password at 10stix2weeks at gmail..


  3. If you’re willing to share, I’d love the password. I’m at lesboparentstobe at gmail

  4. I’m love your password too. insertmetaphor at gmail.

  5. Came over here from Mina’s blog…would love to follow your story and see your photos, if you are willing to share!

    dosbabymamas at yahoo dot com

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