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Hello Again

Hello lovely ladies!! I am glad to be back blogging after a long break. Even if I have not been commenting much, I have been keeping up with all of your blogs and am glad there has been some good news in blog land. It has been a fruitful early spring for many of you.

We have been on a baby-making hiatus over here and it has actually been fairly painless due to everything else that has been going on. Here are some updates in bullet form………….

  • Violet and I live in the house she bought ten years ago. Our house is a small, one level ranch with 2 bdrms and 1 bathrm. It works for us. When we started trying to have kids we talked about how we would eventually need to purchase a bigger home, but would wait  about 5  years. We decided to take advantage of  me being a first time homebuyer and tap into the First Homebuyer Tax Credit.   I am pleased to report that…..We are going from our “starter” home to our “family” home. The new house is a four bedroom ranch with a basement. The basement has an additional living room with a fireplace and a kitchenette. I am already having lovely images of our future children in this space hanging out with their friends.  There is a lot about  this house that will make it a great place to grow and raise our family in. Now we just need the kids!
  • We are going to be landlords because we are not selling our current (Violet’s) house.  This is a scary endeavor.
  •  A few weeks ago, we meet with our favorite OB/GYN at our practice to regroup and figure out our next plan of action.  When she found out that Violet has three rounds of IVF covered at 90% she almost suggested to go straight to IVF. However, she ended up recommending that we try a few more IUI’s since Violet got pregnant the very first time. We were glad to hear that she was in line with what we were feeling in our hearts. We want to try at least one more medicated IUI before moving to IVF. Currently, we are trying to decide just how many IUI’s we want to do before moving on to IVF. We do know that we will do no more than two. We have prescriptions for Clo.mid and Ovid.rel, but do not know when we will try again……just waiting to save up for a few vials.
  • Our kitchen was completely gutted—as of Friday there are new floors. Cabinets and countertops are soon to follow. We have a make-shift kitchen in our living room. Our fridge is beside our tv. I am ready for this to be done. I am sad that I will not get to enjoy the new kitchen….. I hope our renters enjoy living in a nicer kitchen then we did!
  • I love Violet more every day.
  • One of my close friends recently became pregnant after her and her husband had tried for one month. They were not very sensitive when they told Violet and I. Even though I am happy for them, I have had some feelings that I am not proud of. It is hard to be jealous of someone you  care about.

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12 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Congratulations on purchasing your forever home. I do home that you post some pictures. I’m so glad you’re back- I’ve missed you!

  2. wow, that is awesome ivf coverage! (though i understand wanting to do another iui or two before proceeding)

    totally udnerstand about the ugly feelings at a pregnancy annoucement — its perfectly normal ((()))

  3. I’m convinced that sometimes making the change that you would have made AFTER x y or z BEFORE x y or z happens is a practically sure fire way to make it happen more quickly. So here’s hoping a new house begets a baby!

  4. Congrats on the house! I’m sorry you had to deal with your friend’s insensitive announcement, especially considering what you have been through. People just have no clue sometimes. Sounds like you’re going to be preggers soon though- the IVF (hopefully unnecessary), right on the heels of IUI’s sounds nice and aggressive. Come on, baby!

  5. ETA: “You” meaning you both 🙂

  6. It’s good to see your post and hear that everything’s going so well for you two. Congratulations on the house! I’m sure you’ll have babies in those rooms in no time.

  7. Congrats on the new home! It’s very exciting, and all the red tape associated with buying a home should keep your minds nice and occupied as you jump back into the TTC saddle. GREAT news about IVF being 90% covered – even if you don’t need it in the end, just knowing it’s there is a huge stress relief. I started out wanting to do things as naturally as possible, but as soon as I started racking up the BFNs I couldn’t WAIT to get to IVF. Apparently I am very impatient! But also, getting older by the minute. If you have the patience and the time, kudos for going the less invasive route and doing what’s right for you.

  8. jilldab on said:

    Congrats on the new home! Sounds like good things are abound for you and Violet.

  9. Congratulations on the home and welcome back!

  10. Congrats on the new house!!!! How awesome to have IVF coverage!

  11. Welcome back! Congratulations on the new home. I suspect it won’t be long before you’re filling it up with babies!

  12. I cant wait to see pics of the house, how exciting! and yeah on the IVF front! Welcome back to blog-land — you have been missed!

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