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Remembering Poppy

Today is Feb. 10th  a day that I, at one time, looked  forward to, but sadly have  dreaded for even longer. It is Violet’s would-be due date. With sad eyes, I have watched this day creep closer and closer to us over the past few weeks. Even though I have cheered for the new mammas in real-life and blog-land, it has been hard to see these babies born, as we  are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our very sweet Poppy….. It crushes me to the core……. Even though I am hopeful for what the future holds and feel so incredibly blessed with our everyday lives, I am still very angry with it all. I really dislike being angry and feeling these negative feelings, but this is just where I am currently. Women who have never experienced fertility issues or prenatal loss many times just do not understand the devastation all this can bring, so I am thankful for this small space that I have here. 

So clearly I have gone off path here, so let me get back to what my original point was……………So, today sucks and I decided Violet and I needed to so something special and out of the ordinary. So we decided to drink wine and go to this delicious  eatery  to have their AMAZING  steaks, Aqua sushi and other yummy bourbon based drinks….we are Kentuckians after all.

As we were walking out  of the house I checked the mail and pulled out  one single item. An advertisement for Shutterfly Birth Announcements. Are you fucking kidding me? An ad for birth announcements on our would be due date. Really?!!?!?!?!

Violet was able to fix that mood and we had the most wonderful night. Violet even said it was equal to one of her nights she spent in Paris. I am lucky to have a girl like her.

We will get past this date and continue forward.


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13 thoughts on “Remembering Poppy

  1. Here’s to February 11th and all the potential the rest of the year offers.

  2. twohotmamas on said:

    Passing the due date is such a hard milestone. *hugs*

  3. I second the night. What an absolutely wonderful night with my Peony! The atmosphere was wonderful with such an overshadowed day.
    I am deeply saddened that we did not get to keep our sweet Poppy. I look forward to seeing him or her one day.
    Love you Poppy.


  4. Sending you strength on this tough day

  5. Hugs. I’m glad you ended up having good food and a good night.
    I’m thinking of you today.

  6. The timing of that mail is truly terrible. One day, Feb 10 will not hit quite so hard when you’re busy taking care of your little one. Strength and love to you both.

  7. surviving through a missed due date is *so* hard. hugs and strength to you both.

    and curses upon shutterfly.

  8. {{{Hugs}}} Thinking of you

  9. i’m sending you guys lots of love and hugs.

  10. Cindyhoo2 on said:

    Ah-ha! I have finally tracked you down. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I will start cheering you along as well. 🙂

    I, too, used to be a KY gal! I miss it sometimes.

    As for the heartache of due dates and seeing babies the age yours should have been, ouch! I know that feeling too and there is no pinch quite like it. I hope IVF does the trick for you and you are either holding your new babe this time next year or are anticipating its birth.

  11. It’s so hard not to think about what could have/should have been but it sounds like you were able to make the best of it. Hope the three month break is good to you both and the shift to IVF brings you the baby you are wishing for!

  12. I’m thinking of you ladies–what a tough day that must have been.

  13. Thinking of you and hoping that you made it through that very tough day together.

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