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“They Are A Little Tender”

As of this morning Violet is having some possible pregnancy symptoms, nothing major. These  “symptoms” could totally be explained by the fact that it is almost her period, so we are still very cautious about thinking any good thoughts. I think the glimmer of home got us a little excited and we are going to test in the morning. Tomorrow will be 11 days past IUI. I am so glad that we had friends over this evening to take my mind off of testing because I  am so anxious. Let’s hope there are two lines tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on ““They Are A Little Tender”

  1. Ooooh, exciting!!! Good luck!!

  2. I think 11dpiui (I think I just made that up) is too early to get a definitive answer, so don’t put too much stock in it. In the meantime, try and have some fun to take your mind off it 😉

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