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A Mantra, Or Two Even

First off, a big congrats to Puffer and Chicken on the birth of their two handsome little boys. I couldn’t be happier for them!

As I mentioned earlier, Tuesday’s IUI went as perfect as you could ask for. Our midwife said she thinks this is the one. This statement, of course, makes me happy as long as I ignore the fact that she always says she thinks this is it. She is so sweet and encouraging that I just happily jump on her bandwagon of hopes.

When I woke this morning, the first thing I thought about was how we were in the TWW and how I just really wanted to squeeze Violet’s breasts to see if there was any tenderness, tingling, soreness, fullness, ….let me be honest here…any sort of change at all would have pleased me. Then I reminded myself that I am taking a whole new chill approach to this TWW. Furthermore, I reminded myself that I was not going to obsessively hound Violet about her body and then nit-pick any information she gives me. Yes, this will be a more Zen-like TWW. Then I reached over and squeezed her breast. Poor Violet

I do not know now why I do this to myself. Clearly it’s too early for any signs, as it is just four days past her IUI. I think I will have to come up with a mantra….I will leave her breasts alone…I will leave her breast alone…

After reading Olive’s post about the issues they are having with spe.rm counts, I immediately freaked out. We have never seen a post thaw sample. Not only have we never seen a defrosted sample under a microscope, we have never had the thawed sample  examined. Our midwife always defrosted the sample and then performed the IUI. What if the sperm was not thawed correctly and was shot into Violet while they were all dead!! I can’t quit thinking about it, but I am trying. Maybe I need to reread my above paragraph and add another mantra to  my repertoire.


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7 thoughts on “A Mantra, Or Two Even

  1. I wish you and Violet the best of luck!!

  2. Leave her breasts alone! 😉 Hoping you won’t need to worry about any post-thaw outcomes after this TWW.

  3. This post made me laugh out loud — I was certianly tempted to squeeze my dp’s breast too when she was the one ttc!! 🙂

    good luck making it through the rest of the tww with a zen-like state of mind!

  4. alimis on said:

    Peony doesn’t have to completely leave my breast alone, just no squeezing them. If she keeps squeezing I will be forced to call her Mr. Whipple (hopefully that reference isn’t too far back for anyone).

  5. ha! so funny..W always does that too 🙂 good luck, i feel really good about this cycle…

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sperm counts won’t even matter because Violet is pregnant this time. I hope that, in spite of the boob grabbing, the rest of this wait can be Zen.

  7. Oh no! I’m sorry my post stressed you out – that’s the last thing I wanted. We did insems for a year and a half before going to an RE and learning any of the data (follicle size, sperm count etc.) and I’ve come to see all that info as a mixed blessing. I mean, what have I gained from knowing the count? Well, I might get my money back, but really it’s just given me a whole heap of stress. Back when we didn’t know, the not knowing was mildly stressful, but there was a comfort in it too – because even with bad sperm counts, pregnancy is always possible, and it’s nice to have hope in the unknown rather than despair in the bad news. Not sure I’m making sense anymore. All this is to say, I hope it doesn’t matter! Good luck twwing.

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