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October is A Nice Month

I am pleased to report that it is late Sunday afternoon and we have not gotten a positive on an ovulation stick yet! Weird that I am excited about not having a positive OPK yet, usually I am waiting and anxious that it will not show up.

After yesterday mornings very, and I mean very, light line on the OPK, Violet tried again at 1:00 and 6:00 yesterday to see if she would get a positive. To my dismay there was no line at all, not even if you squint REAL hard and hold it in the light juuuust right. So I determined that either that there was that tiny line because she had tested way too early in the day OR she had already had her surge and that line was the end of it.  So to test these theories out, I asked Violet to check this mornings pee with an OPK and yes, there was the tiniest faintest line. Then Violet tested again around 1:00 today and no line at all. So, lesson learned. Don’t accidentally test ovulation status with morning pee….as it will cause a slight freak out.

I am so elated that it looks like everything is a go for the IUI on Tuesday morning. We will so overnight shipping on the “specimen” and it will be at the clinic by 10:30 am on Tuesday. Violet will be arriving (sadly, alone) at the clinic at 9:00 on Tuesday just incase it gets there early. Then a perfect IUI will occur that reveals a very open and ready cervix. After that, the two week wait will fly by with the quickest of time and I think there will even be early pregnancy signs before the end of the wait….yes, that is what will happen. I can feel it.


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2 thoughts on “October is A Nice Month

  1. wooho! perfect timing! Go Oct baby!

  2. Great! I hope everything goes exactly as you expect!

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