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Oh, the fun of TTC!

Thank you all for giving us your input on your choice of ban.ks. It was nice to hear a lot of different perspectives on the banks that we are consistently perusing through. I think we have decided to do one last round with Fai.rfax and then switch banks. We really like our donor at Fair.fax, but are not devoted to him. We adore most of the information that we have about him. When we listen to his voice recording, we feel like he is most like Violet and I. Plus he seems very sweet and intelligent. There are a few things on the other hand that we feel kinda so-so on with him. Which really in the scheme of things is not all that important I guess. Anyway, the end result is that I think we might switch over to the Wal-Mar.t of sperm banks–CCB. I totally would go with No.rthwest (thanks Strawberry for reminding me of this bank) if we were not looking for an id consent donor. When I revisited their site I was reminded of their budget friendly prices. So, a little tip for all you who are not interested in id consent donors, Northwest is the way to go.

Thursday afternoon, Violet and I went to the midwife for an u/s to check on any follies that might be present. We were pleased to see that there were two follicles, one measuring 12 cm and the other measuring 16 cm. Super excited at this point in the appointment. Given that information we came up with an action plan of triggering early Sunday morning and then having the IUI Monday afternoon. This is a fantastic plan because that means that I will be able to be at the IUI!! Perfect! Oh, but sadly how things have turned since then……..

When we were leaving the pharmacy after picking up the Ovi.drel late Friday afternoon, Violet turned to me with a smile and happily said “I guess we will order the sample tomorrow!”. I lauged, because clearly this was a joke, as she was supposed to order the vial earlier that day so that it will be here on Monday morning. Then I gasped because I realized she was not kidding. She had forgotten to order the sp.erm!! She frantically, and in tears, called Fair.fax, which we knew was really just a pointless call as you have to have the order in my 1:40 and it was now 4:45. As we expected there will be no IUI on Monday.……..So, the end result is a very upset and aggravated Peony and a mad-at-herself Violet.

Violet called our midwife who said that Tuesday morning should be fine, we will hopefully catch the tail end of her ovulation instead of the front end. This of course, made us feel a little better. And anyway, Violet’s IUI’s usually fall on cd 14 and Monday would have been cd 12, so this was earlier than we were used to anyway. So we started to feel even better. Hope restored…and then……

This morning, Violet got overly anxious due to yesterdays occurrences and peed on a OPK (she forgot that she needs to do this between the hours of 12pm-8pm). There is a faint line. Shit! I am really hoping for the line to not darken before Sunday evening and trying to be hopeful that maybe this all happened for a reason……


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