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Opinions Wanted


Quick question: What Cry.obank did/do you use and why do you like them?

We are thinking of switching banks and would love to get information about other banks from the most knowledgeable people on banks….all you lovely ladies!

We very much appreciate any info you offer up!



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13 thoughts on “Opinions Wanted

  1. (new reader here. *waves*)

    We used Fai.rfax. Mostly because they’re local, so not having to pay for shipping balanced out the higher cost, and it was more convenient for us to pick up. On the plus side, their customer service was (for us) always fantastic.

  2. we went with california (btw, why do you put periods in the words?). we really liked the interface, had a great customer service experience, loved the selection and it was recommended by our RE’s office. we’re on the east coast, but not local to fairfax, so we didn’t consider that alternative.

  3. alimis on said:

    I put periods in words for high search words that might bring up my blog when I do not want it to.

  4. We used C.alifonia C.ryobank. The customer service was beyond great and the selection (for us) much larger. Their bulletin boards as well as facebook are super supportive as well.

  5. We used fairfax. Our RE recommends them or California.

    I didn’t think Fairfax was that great; we only got mediocre customer service and the counts were low (with two different donors). I did like the lifetime donor photos though …

  6. We used California and had a fabulous experience with them. We really liked their selection of donors and all the people who worked there were super friendly and helpful. We were deciding between them and Fairfax, and initially we wanted to go with Fairfax (because of the lifetime photos) but all the donors we really liked were California.

    Good luck!

  7. actually when dp and i were using a bank …we ended up using midwest sperm bank. the donors have such high sperm counts there. a few of my buddies have used donors from there. also the prices are great and they are extremely helpful. great people. check it out. midwest sperm bank in illinois

  8. We picked Ca.lifornia Cry.obank because of their selection and reputation. If we ended up having no luck with one donor, we wanted to make sure we’d be able to find another one at the same bank. They have been very easy to work with. I was put off by Fa.irfax because they charge more for donors with the highest education level.

  9. We used Northwest Andrology. Good prices, good selection, and good customer service…and good sperm 😉 (we were not looking for identity release however).

  10. We also used California Cryobank. Mostly because our RE had worked with them before and for their selection and reputation. We never had any problems working with the. Always had high counts and they were very easy to work with when we sold back some of our vials. Good Luck!!

  11. We also used CCB. They’re pricey but they have an awesome selection of donors, esp since we needed our donor to be Filipino.

  12. We also used CCB. Our RE had never worked with them before, but we insisted because we wanted a willing-to-be-known donor who was also Chinese, to match my partner’s ethnic background. We found that their pool of both non white and willing to be known donors was much larger there than elsewhere. Their customer service was great, too, and we liked their high standards and that you could get lengthy family medical histories.

  13. We used Fairfax, and had a good experience with them. Our RE recommended them or California.

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