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I Think I Have Seen You Here Too

We find ourselves here again. Oh, you all know this place well…some of you more than others. I find it an awful place to be and hope that I do not have to come back to this place again. It is cycle day 24-the day before it is appropriate to start testing. I don’t always hate cycle day 24. You see, when I am hanging out at cycle day 1 and am looking at a telescope to the nearing Cycle Day 24, I see the most pleasing and thrilling images……..renewed hope, smile, the words “Pregnant” on THE test. This is a nice place. Sadly, something happens as I make my way from cycle day 1 to the day we are at. Cycle Day 24 does not look the same as it did on Cycle Day 1. It is gloomy, angry, grey, bitter and the words NOT PREGNANT shriek out.

No, we have not tested, but as you have read, we are on the cusp. Tomorrow we will test. I hope tomorrow is not grey also.



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One thought on “I Think I Have Seen You Here Too

  1. Fingers crossed for you!!

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