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This morning I woke up to the first snow of the season, granted it is a very light dusting of snow-it is still the start of winter to me. This made me think of how I can’t wait to have a child to introduce all these wonderful life experiences to. I am hoping that next Christmas we will have a need to own something that says “Baby’s First Christmas”.

I am  a bit  AD/HD inattentive type; therefore, I have a bit of trouble with things like delayed gratification, waiting, and long term goals. As a 29 year old who has never taken medicine for it, I have learned to recognize when my AD/HD ways are creeping up ans squash those tendencies.  However, it does not mean it drives me slightly insane in the process. So I am sure you could imagine how well these two week waits go for me. Since Violet is well aware of my imperfections uniqueness, she allows me to pick the day we test. This cycle, I decided that Saturday the 12th (cd 26)  is the day that I can wait until. There was not way that I would hold out until Monday the 14th, which would actually be two weeks after the IUI and cd 28. So I guess this paragraph is just a very long way to say that we are officially down to the ONE WEEK WAIT!


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3 thoughts on “Snow!……dusting

  1. Happy snow and happy 1ww – you can do it! I hate waiting too. Uno is so much more patient than I am. If it were up to me we’d test like crazy from 12 dpo – on but I defer to her. This time she’s waiting for the blood test, of all things. The suspense!

  2. Good luck getting through this last week–I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Only one week to go! You can do it! Maybe some Christmas shopping will keep you distracted?

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