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I hate coming up with headings

First off, the IUI went A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Our midwife, which I will start calling Daisy (light, natural, and sweet), said that Violets cervix was soft and open! Yay!!…… and her CM looked “perfect”. I could not have asked for a better description. The only thing that could have made this the most perfect IUI was if I could have actually been there with Violet. This was very hard for me because it is so important that I go to every single appointment with Violet. IN the beginning I said that I was never going to miss a appointment with Daisy or our OB/GYN. We have been blessed by the time gods becuase we have been able to coordinate this for about 95% of her million appointments. I was already signed up for  an ELSB training that day, so I really could not  be there. Even though I know that it was important for me to be at the training,  it was still  very hard to miss the insem. I am sure most non-biological mothers would agree that being at all appointments is vital to feeling even more a part of the pregnancy.

Violet and I are both very positive about this cycle and can’t help but stop feeling as if it might actually work. I have found that I have to stop myself from being so excited and hopeful, because if this cycle ends up with a negative test or the damn m word, I will be incredibly let down. It  just feels right this cycle.


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5 thoughts on “I hate coming up with headings

  1. So glad it went well! Good luck!

  2. Sounds like things are pointing in a positive direction! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you ladies.
    Your post title cracked me up, btw.

  3. I hope it goes well! I paled the first time I realized I might not be able to be there. It’s just so important to feel like a part of it. I didn’tput that eloquently at all, but i hope you get the meaning!

  4. Sorry you weren’t able to make it to the appointment. Elizabeth is very supportive and tries to come to every appointment with me too. Unfortunately, she can’t do them all. She felt really bad, but these visits have become so routine for me that I don’t feel the need to have her there every time. I told her the only trip to the doctor she isn’t allowed to miss is the delivery!

  5. So glad to hear things are looking up this cycle. Those gut feelings are powerful omens, I’ve decided! Come on, come on, BFP. I hear you on the appt-making — I go to almost all of Uno’s but sometimes, it just can’t happen. Still, going to 90-plus percent of them is pretty darn good. And you won’t miss the Big Ones coming up…ultrasounds, labor…. !!

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