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Boring I Will Be No More…..Maybe

I have recently come to the conclusion that my blog has become utterly boring. I am not sure who is still reading or why, because when I reread my posts, I find myself being way to easily distracted by the slightest things. I promise to fix this soon…I am afraid that I will not be changing that right now, as it is almost nine o’clock and my guilty pleasure of watching Desperate Housewives and drinking some red zin is about to commence, but I made a promise to myself that I would write a post before the weekend is over.
So here it goes bullet style

  • Tomorrow is CD 14 and Violet is scheduled for an IUI at 8:30 am!
  • Violet had a u/s on Wednesday and there were two “juicy”, as the u/s tech said, follicles on her left side. We are very pleased that we have two potential chances this month.
  • We got our donor lifetime pictures in this week. We think he is darling, a little goofy/dorky looking during his teenage years, but think is sort of typical with boys.. J It is so very odd to look at these pictures.
  • Since there are two follicles, our midwife took a few seconds to make sure we knew of the chance for twins, which we already did. I am very glad that the chance is very small, as the whole twin pregnancy makes me very nervous.
  • Violets lining was a little thin at 5.6 on CD 9, but I am hoping that it has improved over the past few day. The midwife said it was fine, so I am going to try not to worry about it.

I feel very good about this cycle, just as optimistic and excited as the very first IUI….the one that she got pregnant with. Let’s hope that this means something!



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4 thoughts on “Boring I Will Be No More…..Maybe

  1. Woohoo! Horray for two juicy follies! Best of luck with the IUI. I just looked at the clock and she’s probably in the middle of the procedure right now.
    Sending loads of fertile vibes your way.

  2. Wishing you luck! Let’s go December BFP!

  3. So, so much good luck–hope the insem went smoothly! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

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