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It Could Go Either Way

How in the world is it already November 21st?? I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days from now. As a teacher, this time of the year goes VERY fast due to all the time off that we get. (I really don’t think many teachers would exist if we did not get these perks.)  With this is mind I realize that it will be New Years Eve like anytime and therefore, I am becoming a little anxious over trying this month. It seems like so much is going on and it is hard to focus on all the madness that comes with TTC. At the same time, I am wondering if trying in November and December will be a good thing since we will be consumed by the whirlwind of the holiday season. We might wait, I am just not sure. There is not the strong urgency that existed a few months back since we are out of the ideal summer due date window.

I am thinking that we may go ahead and try this cycle since we have the sper.m paid for and waiting  at the sper.m ba.nk. We might as well use it up. If it does not work this month I think we will definitely take a month or two off and maybe do something productive like pay someone to refinish our hardwood floors. Which reminds me that we found out yesterday that our vinyl flooring in the kitchen, that we were getting ready to tear up, probably contains asbestos. We have to take a sample to a testing lab to see for sure.  Awesome. This of course puts a huge kink in our kitchen remodel. We already have the new cabinets and countertop bought;  it just came down to the floor. Which up until now, the hardest part was with the floor simply because we could not decide on one…..Oh, how I wish that was still the biggest problem.


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2 thoughts on “It Could Go Either Way

  1. We have asbestos floors in our 1938 house. We’ve been told that as long as they aren’t disintegrating and you don’t disturb them, it’s ok…you can cover them up. That’s what we did downstairs…we covered existing asbestos tiles with underlayment and then laminate wood flooring. Upstairs we actually still have the asbestos tiles, but they’re in excellent shape so if it ain’t broke, we’re not fixing it.

  2. poppycat on said:

    Oh crap. Good luck with the floors. I like Strawberry’s suggestion to cover them instead of taking them out. It is $$$$ to have them removed and disposed of professionaly.

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