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About Interventions and Karaoke

Today I am off work for fall break and thought this the perfect time to get answer a few of the questions that you all have asked.

Strawberry asked the following questions:

1. I’m curious, since you’ve started off with Clomid, monitoring and a trigger shot, why you began at that point versus just OPKing and trying a couple times before intervention?

When we started researching all the ins and outs of trying to conceive, we thought we were going to go the route of ICI at home with no medication. Our vision of the insemination was one that was intimate, memorable and personal as possible. As we started looking at the success rates of  inseminations by IUI compared to ICI and then factored in the cost of IUI prepared vials to IUI prepared vials we thought it was better to  go ahead with an IUI.  Plus, the bank we had chosen did not ship to homes and would not give out information on how to correctly defrost the vials. (We have of course now learned how to do this since then, but that is besides the point.  Not very intersting, but that is how we ended up going the IUI route off the bat. Now to the medications and ultrasounds…….which really boils down to money

During our “research time”, Clomid seemed to come up in the literature many times. So we started to throw around the idea of trying medicated cycles in hopes that we reduce the number of tries. It is really not much more complicated than that. We took V’s age in consideration and cost of trying each month and decided the Clomid was safe enough to try a few tries to reduce the number of insemination that V went through.

Now to the ultrasounds….that just kinda happened. I actually do not remember if our midwife suggested it or if we asked for it. KNowing me and my worrying ways, I suggested we get an u/s to make sure a follicle was developing. Now it is procedure for V to get one or two u/s before the IUI.

Also, karaoke…love it or hate it?

V and I both agree that karaoke if loads of fun to watch. V would like to get up on the stage and belt one out, while P would just prefer to sit in the audience and adoringly watch V.


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2 thoughts on “About Interventions and Karaoke

  1. I can’t do the karaoke thing either. Whenever I play rock band with by friend’s sons, I take the bass and leave the singing to the boys!

  2. reproducinggenius on said:

    I too would far rather watch my wife karaoke than participate, but I have unfortunately found myself participating on two occasions. Ugh.

    Thinking of you ladies and hoping you will find a path that works for you soon.

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