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Not in Kansas

Today is cd 12 and V went and had an u/s today to check on follicle size before we bought the vial. Turns out that she is going to ovulate early, as there is already a 30 mm follicle. The technician thought it was a cyst, but the midwife said that was unlikely since she has had so many u/s over the past few moths and there has not been any evidence of a cyst or a prior cyst. The midwife  (not our regular one) said if the vial was at the clinic she would perform the IUI tonight; considering we had not even purchased it yet, this will not be happening. I am not sure that this is really a follicle at 30 mm and think that it could be a follicular cyst. We were going to have V start testing with OPK’s tomorrow, since this would be about the time that her body typically has a positive OPK. When she took one today it was negative. So maybe we completely missed it. Either way, it is not going to happen this cycle.

I am devastated as this cycle was incredibly important to us, since it was the last cycle to try and have a summer baby. As I have moaned and groaned about this before, a summer baby would mean I would have time off to be with V and the baby.  A  baby born during my work months, means no time off for me. Of course, there is a great chance that V would have not  gotten pregnant this cycle, but the failure would have been less awful if we would have even got the chance to try.

It is sad to think back 6 months and how optimistic, eager and light and happy hearted we were about trying to create a baby.  We are not in that place anymore.


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8 thoughts on “Not in Kansas

  1. oh no. I am so sorry. That is totally and completely unfair.

    Is there any way for you to overnight a vial of sperm (while paying exorbitant amounts for shipping)? The egg lives for 24 hours after it is released, and so an IUI after ovulation can sometimes still work.

    Sending lots of love your way.

  2. I’m sorry sweetie. I wish it would have worked out in your favor. {{{hugs}}}

  3. I wish I could give you both a hug right now. (But since I can’t, please hug each other) I’m sorry it’s been so tough for you lately. It’s always so hard when your ideal time to conceive passes you by.

  4. I’m truly sorry…..

  5. I’m really sorry this cycle didn’t work out and that you are plunged into a bad place. That really sucks 😦

  6. I’m sorry this try didn’t work out and that you’re feeling so low. Take good care of each other.

  7. im so sorry this cycle didnt work, that is beyond frustrating and unfair.

    losing that newbie lightheartedness is so painful. sending ((hugs)) your way.

  8. oh! my heart breaks for you. also, i relate so much. we are one cycle behind you. i feel exactly the same way about losing a kind of innocence with each failed cycle. so sorry. sending lots of support. and so glad you found our blog (mamakarma). I hope you guys take time for some TLC over these next couple of weeks…

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