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Peony and Violet 101

Some of the brilliant women in the blog world have asked readers to post any questions they might want to know about the writers of the blog. Since we are in the last week of the two week wait I thought we would do the same. So ladies, feel free to ask away because I am actually looking forward to this being a distraction during the 1ww wait.

This weekend we bought pregnancy tests and tampons. I hope that V does not need the latter of the two. I actually wanted to hold off  buying  these  pregnancy tests because I have a slight problem with waiting. I am the type  of person that will relentlessly attempt to give someone their birthday or Christmas present as soon as I buy it. Having the  reliable tests in the house makes me want to convince V that we should test tomorrow morning.  However, I can’t come up with a good case on why we should test so ridiculously early. It is ONLY cd 23 and 7 days past IUI.   I guess we will wait until Friday, on cd 28, to test…..that is if I can wait that long!


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7 thoughts on “Peony and Violet 101

  1. This is V. I don’t know if P can wait that long. She is going crazy playing the waiting game. I love this girl. I will have to give her kisses for every day she waits.

  2. I’m curious, since you’ve started off with Clomid, monitoring and a trigger shot, why you began at that point versus just OPKing and trying a couple times before intervention?

    Also, karaoke…love it or hate it?

  3. poppycat on said:

    Oh the waiting. I find it best to not even have those pee sticks in the house. Too much temptation.

    I’ll ask you the same questions I just asked Nutella and Strawberry…

    1. What sweet treat and you not live without?
    2. Describe your favorite pair of shoes and tell us why you love them.
    3. Who is your favorite celebrity/famous crush on?
    4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  4. waiting sucks and we all know i just can’t do it. especially if you have sticks in the house. stay strong, girls!!

    as for things we must know:
    -what’s your favorite place to blog (read and write)?
    -what superstitions do you have around your inseminations? (we always saved the vials and i always wore a lucky shirt!)
    -what’s your favorite date you two have ever had? where did you go? what did you eat? what were the circumstances?

  5. Yay, truth or dare without the dare!

    1) If you had to pick your favorite physical feature of the other person, what would it be?

    2) What are 3 things you always have in your fridge / pantry?

    3)What is the best gift you ever received?

    4) What is your worst habit?

    Best of luck staying sane with the remainder of the wait!

  6. Hopefully you’re totally knocked up and won’t need this little snippet of advice, but… We buy the bundles of pregnancy strips from At less than $1 a piece you can pee til your heart’s content. I’m all about the informational instant gratification. WAY better than waiting or feeling guilty about peeing on the expensive tests from the store. 🙂

  7. Good luck with the waiting!
    What is your most favorite thing to eat? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed? What food do you avoid at all cost and why?

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