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An overview of the week

Tuesday afternoon, V sent me a text saying that we were going to babysit our friends little four month little girl because of one her mommies is in the emergency room for her appendix. I was worried and sad for our friend, but thrilled about being able to stay with Kenley. Oh how that changed so very quickly. Okay ladies, I suggest that you do not stay with a baby while you ae in the baby making stage.  At one point I actually turned to V and said “I don’t think I want to do this”. Meaning, lets not have kids.  Which is an awesome thing to say when someone who is 2 days past an IUI.

There was way too much crying. I think she probably wailed for four out of the five hours we were there with her. Nothing we did could console her for any length of time. I felt so bad for her and the stress she must have been going through. It was also slightly nerve wracking for us, which is what prompted me say that awful thing to Violet. Of course, I do not feel that way anymore, but it did open my eyes to what many of our nights could possibly be like. I had never dealt with a crying baby for hours on end, even though I was aware that it happened.

As I have mentioned before in previous posts,  that my job is something that I do not see myself doing for years on end. I know that I am going to need to come up with a back up plan and for the past two years I have been exploring various career changes. School Media Specialist is one of my top 3. Thursday evening I drove down to the University where I got my two previous degrees and spoke to one of the professors in the program. The meeting was filled with lots of positive information and I left fairly hopeful. Since I have already taken the MAT and the PRAXIS, I could use those as my entrance exams and would not have to agonize over any other exams. On the downside-the program is not ALA accredited, which means I could have issues getting into a Ph.D. program done the line and I would not be able to work outside of the school systems.  With that in mind, I have  been in contact with FSU about their program, which is third in the nation, but also more expensive and much more involved in the acceptance process. Decisions, Decisions. I am a bit envious of the ones who picked a career and stuck with it.

Today is CD 22. I am not feeling very optimistic about this cycle. Ever since we lost Poppy, I have had this nagging feeling that we would have two failed cycles before V got pregnant again. I am not one to go by “vibes” or innate feelings when it comes to things like this, but I can’t seem to shake this deep down feeling that this is the course our attempt to make a baby will take. Since we are afraid of getting a false positive, Violet did take a cheap pregnancy test this morning to make sure the Ovid.rel was out of her system.  Even though I wanted the test to be negative this morning, it was still a sad sight.

Today is 6 days past the IUI and about marks the end of the first week wait.  Let me tell you, this time around has been so much more chill. I am not constantly asking her how she is feeling or making sure she doesn’t not eat anything that could be slightly unhealthy or harmful to any potential ball of cells growing in her uterus. Pretty much, I am not being a dictator of her body. The IUI is not also a though on my mind for the majority of the day, as it was last time. I am enjoying the wait much more this time. Lets hope that the second week is just as easy as the first.


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3 thoughts on “An overview of the week

  1. Your post made me laugh in kind of a mean way lol. Hell no it’s not peaches and cream all the time. For the first 3 weeks, I was outright depressed at how much crying and sleep deprivation there was. At 5 months, things are so much better, but they’re still challenging. I get so happy when I think about how fast he’s growing! Oh, don’t get me wrong…we love him so much, but this parent thing is HARD, even when you know it’s going to be.
    That said, good luck with the rest of your TWW! hehe

  2. I so know what you mean about switching careers… After several years in a steady, stable and, what some folks think is rewarding, position I switched to a librarian position in a university. The process of finding and getting my MLS with an out-of-date GRE and in an ALA accredited school was a hurdle. But totally doable. Good luck with your two weeks – we inseminated today and are joining you!

  3. M from Counting Chickens–Congrats on your Sunday insemination. I am hoping that Sunday inseminations are lucky this month. I dread the GRE. I got lucky and was able to use the MAT for my first master’s degree.

    Strawberry- I totally deserve the mean laugh. As apparently I had a slight skewed view of what life is like with a newborn.

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