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Honest Peony

Here are 10 things about me, Peony, as we were tagged a bazillion years ago….

1. I am a serious worrier. I worry and obsess about….well, just about everything. I think this drives Violet crazy. Luckily, she loves me regardless of this.

2. I am a special education teacher for kids in grades K-2 and even though my job has some really great perks, such as summers off, I really do not like my job all that much as I should. And wonder regularly how in the world I have ended up here with a Master’s degree that aids in employing me at a job that I would leave if it was financially plausible.

3. I can’t get over how much I love Violet and how compliment each other beautifully. Simply, we just get each other.

4. Even though romantic comedies are the most predictable films, I can’t help but love them and order these from Netflix more than any other genre of movie. (I heart Netflix)

5. I think I am  AD/HD inattentive type, but am not sure because I never went back to the doctors to get the results after I took the questionnaire. I think that is all the results I really need.

6. I have a SEVERE  fear of a home invasion or break in. So much so that I completely freak out when I have to stay at the house alone. I think this is a product of growing up in houses with security systems. Also, there was this instance in college when I was staying at a friends apartment and a drunk boy had smashed his  hand (which become bloody) through the glass in the door and proceded to thrust his body against the door while us girls were in the closet on the phone with 911 crouched in the closet. Hmm…maybe a combination of both experiences. Ha!

7. I would love more than anything to have four children and to be a stay at home mother. My dream job to make this happen would be to own a daycare that I can run and operate from our home. I would be in heaven.

8. I kind of always thought I would love to renovate a Craftsman Style Bungalow and live there ever so happily. However, we have found out recently, through our bathroom project,  that we are not really do-it ourselfers in terms of home projects.  Not really our thing apparently. Funny enough, this revelation was actually a bit of a shock to us. I still think I belong in a craftsman, even if I am not the one making in gorgeous.

9. I feminine on the outside but butch in the inside. I would not have it any other way. 

10. I am thinking about getting my PhD.


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3 thoughts on “Honest Peony

  1. #3- Awesome.
    #8- LOVE Craftsman/Art Nouveux
    #9- I feel like that sometimes 🙂

  2. I heart Netflix too. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. #2…i know what you mean. i realized about halfway through the first semester of my masters degree that i didn’t like the field i had chosen. yet i remain in this job because it has good benefits and i can’t afford to quit!

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