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Great words, good timing

Yesterday I began reading a devotional book, “The Upper Room” that my mom put in a vacation goody bag for P and I.  I have always enjoyed including daily devotional/reflection time with God.  The past few years I have not been active at all in devoting time for this. 

After reading the The Upper Room I switched over to another devotional book, “My Utmost for His Highest”.  I had the anxious feeling still looming over me like I did from the day before.  The first devotional was great to ready but didn’t really sooth the anxious feelings.  I didn’t have much hope that the second devotional would offer much comfort, but then I got towards the end and it read

“Let not your heart be troubled”.  God will not keep your heart from being troubled.  It is a command- “Let not…”  Haul yourself up a hundred and one times a day in order to do it…..

I felt that I got direct words from God.  What great words and great timing for these words to enter my mind.  I took it in and realized that the anxious feelings will probably come and go, but I need to heed these words, multiple times a day if necessary and release my anxiety. I felt a lot of relief after this devotional time.



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2 thoughts on “Great words, good timing

  1. I’m so glad you were able to find some comfort in those words…

    I hope you had a nice beach weekend!

  2. v i am so sorry for your loss..i haven’t had a chance to comment until now. you and your dp are in my thoughts and prayers. in the bible god says bad times don’t last always. the devotional book is just what you need right now to help you heal. :::hugs:::

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