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Getting Away

We made it to our annual vacation spot with P’s family.  Ahhh, the beach.  What a wonderful place to be right now.  We arrived two days ago and have enjoyed our time so far.  I can only imagine how great the next week will be.  Yesterday was a struggle for me.  Although we are away from our local environment, my mind is still restless and I feel an emptiness.  I guess that’s the way it will be for a while.  I feel like I am anticipating my body either cleansing itself naturally or I am just waiting for the D nd C  to occur once I get back.  I am trying to keep my mind focused on where I am now and just enjoy what I am doing, but my body’s issues seem to be a nagging factor in my head.  I think at this point the only thing I can do is stay busy and focus on daily devotions with God.  I brought some daily devotion reading material to help center me. 

Thanks again for all of your support.  Some of your all words have been more support  and comforting to us than some of our closet friends have provided us with. 



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3 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. The beach can be so restorative. I hope it helps your mind settle as much as it can. Thinking of you.

  2. reproducinggenius on said:

    I hope this trip helps you to find some peace amidst this painful time. xoxo

  3. I’m so sorry you have to go through something so painful. I hope the time away and your faith can help you begin to heal.

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