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Ouch, ouch and ouch

I never had any idea what pregnant women go through.  I now have such an admiration for pregnant woman.  They seem to go through this life altering experience it with such grace and finesse. 

They never complain, at least in public about how sore their nipples are.  I feel like two little baby alligators have clamped their teeth down on both nipples.  P likes to check their tenderness every once in a while.  I am going to have to break her of that.  However, sometimes it can be a bonus when she pays attention to them.  🙂

It seems that I am tired all of the time.  I wake up and I am tired.  I take a nap and I am tired.  Guess thats just the way it is. 

The final “ouch”.  The cramps.  I hope these aren’t around for the entire pregnancy.  My understanding is usually they are much more involved during the first trimester, then disapate some.  I never can tell when they will sneak up on my body.  It seems there is so much going on with my body and even more to come.  Sometimes it is exhausting but over all I love it. 

I have found that in life that sometimes the things you dread or despise, are the things that strengthens you and gives you great memories.  I am enjoying this journey and what is even greater ….. I have my lovely lady to walk hand in hand with me.


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4 thoughts on “Ouch, ouch and ouch

  1. Don’t worry, the exhaustion and cramping do lessen as you get through the first trimester – I remember thinking that the uterine stretching was as bad (if not worse) than PMS cramps.

    You’re doing great!

  2. It’s hardest at the beginning and the end…just take good care of yourself. Your body is doing a tremendous amount of work.

  3. reproducinggenius on said:

    Those cramps can be really awful, and the breast soreness for me was the worst. I had to wear sports bras to bed after awhile because if I didn’t, I was in constant pain. The great news is that once you hit your second trimester, most of these issues are gone, and you have a few months of smooth sailing. It does get better for quite awhile. So hang in there for now, and take all the naps your heart desires; you’re doing some incredibly hard work there, mama!

  4. just remember the closer you get to the 2nd trimester the symptoms will fade and lessen. i’m still so happy for the two of you. congrats.

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