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My sweet girl

P is such a wonderful caretaker of me and little H***** (one of the names that we are trying out).  My mood fluctuations can go from loving and passionate one day to the next day being really frustrated and irritable.  Sorry honey.  She is being very sweet to me. 

 It was a little over a week ago, I was waiting for her to get home.  It wasn’t like her to not be home when I was.  We try to race home to one another any chance that we get.  I called her and she said that she was running a couple of errands and that she had a suprise for me.  She finally made it home and when she walked through the front door she had a large basket filled with items for me and the baby.  There was lotions, sanitizer, candy for morning sickness, book of names, pregnancy tea, giraffe onesie,  giraffe stuffed animal (giraffe is one of my favorite animals….think I have height envy), a blanket and a book for the baby. There was soooo much.  I can’t believe how she has spoiled me.  I could go on and on about how wonderful she has been.

I am excited to go through this experience with P.  I can’t believe that we are pregnant.  It catches me off guard every once in a while.  What a wonderful time in our lives.  I hope God blesses our lives and this pregnancy.


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2 thoughts on “My sweet girl

  1. How very sweet ❤

  2. Yay. I am so happy that you’re having such a wonderful experience with your pregnancy!

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