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Moving Right Along

Thanks to everyone that sent positive comments and “sticky vibes” V is still pregnant, that we can tell at least. Which we only know this due to an absence of a period. Tuesday is the last pregnancy test and Wednesday is the last day V took her BBT. We have not been to midwife yet and will do that early next week. When V called to tell the OB/GYN office that she had been gotten a positive hpt the receptionist asked V a few questions about hos she was feeling and so on. She then said to call back in a week and two to set up a time to come in for blood work. We did not expect that and wanted to get blood work ASAP. However, I have become patient as the week has gone by and am relaxed about waiting awhile longer to see beta results.

We are so excited about being pregnant that we can hardly contain ourselves. We have decided against telling coworkers and friends for a few more weeks at least. We did customize onesies for my immediate family and told them the big news already. The onesies were super adorable and I wish that before we gave each family member their onsie I would have taken pictures to post on the blog. We told my sister and her boyfriend on Tuesday night. They are thrilled about the pregnancy and we got a great reaction from them, which we had anticipated. Last night, we showed my parents house at about 10:00 pm  and told them. Mom was elated and very happy for us. She loved her onesie. My dad was pleasant and polite, but not very excited. It hurt for a second or two , then I realized that those are his feelings that he needs to deal with and it is not our issue. He did hug V and tell her that he loved her. I think that even though my parents raised my sister and I to  be accepting of all people, I think my relationship with a women is difficult  for him at times. Do not get me wrong and let me discount him because, I am incredibly lucky and blessed for the amount of love and support my parents do give V and I.  I think this is just a little bit of a struggle for him.

I have been taking care of V and trying to make sure that her body is receiving all the rest and nutrients that it needs to help the baby grow strong and healthy. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking care of my knocked up gal. I think she is enjoying it so much that she just might try to be pregnant for a few years straight.

At this  point in our pregnancy I am absolutely terrified that this pregnancy will end any minute. Did anyone else live in fear? I am afraid to be too excited since I know the statistics. There are times where I wish I had not read so much, I think that I would be more chill during the whole pregnancy. Therefore, I am grateful for all the sticky vibes that have been sent this way. They are working so far!


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3 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. I was afraid and worried my entire pregnancy and now that it’s over I really wish I had allowed myself to enjoy it more.

  2. reproducinggenius on said:

    I was terrified for the first eight weeks or so, and then I had to tell myself to snap out of it. But that fear is very, very common. Just don’t let it overwhelm you too much. Know that you’re both doing absolutely everything you can.

    I’m sorry your dad didn’t have a very enthusiastic response. Weirdly enough, I think men have a harder time with this news. They aren’t as sure how to deal with it, and as a result, they don’t deal with it so gracefully. I bet he’ll come around before long.

    Meanwhile, I’m positively ecstatic for you ladies!

  3. YAYyayyayyay!!!!!!! I can’t think of anything else to say. YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

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