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We Are In the Restaurant Business…..

…..looks as if we have a bun in the oven!!

Here is the long story of how we found out that we are (most likely) PREGNANT…

 I was really nervous about V testing  on 11dpuiu because, at the time, I thought Saturday was 12 days past V’s trigger shot.  The trigger is supposed to leave the body between 7 and 10 days, but I read on message boards where it was still in some peoples body past day 10 and there would be a chance that we could get a false positive. Which would be heartbreaking. (Turns out I had miscounted and Saturday was 13 days past trigger)

Since V had been spotting on Friday night we could not contain our curiosity one second more and first thing Saturday morning, after V took her BBT (back up to 98.23, we crammed around the toilet together and V peed on a stick while I assisted. We sat the digital preg test down and started a rather boring conversation about the the bath she was getting ready to take. I glanced over about a minute later and saw that the word Pregnant was magnificently displayed on the  digital screen. I picked up the test, turned to her and said:  “V, it says we are pregnant?!?”.  Her response was “What?…. Nooooo…..unsure smile….Do you think so???? …big cute grin.” So of course we were dumb founded, excited, shocked, and unsure, very unsure.  It was still very early and there was a possibility of there being residual hCG from the trigger shot, so we kept the level of excitement down a bit.

Since V is providing a home for our baby,  I am determined to take the best possible care of her. She will pretty mucj get anything she wants, as well as get away with pretty much anything. With this in mind, I decided to suprise  V with her favorite meal at work later that day. I went to L.ogan’s and picked up a med rare sirloin steak, grilled veggies, baked potato. Since V needs to stay well hydrated I choose to stop at  Soni.c and get her a large strawberry limeade. Which is one of her favorite guilty pleasures that she does not divulge in often. I then brought all these goodies to her at work and we had a nice  and giddy lunch together.

And Sunday….

We awoke early and took V’s temp (still high at 98.40) and then took another Cl.ear Bl.ue Easy test. To our delight the word Pregnant was spelled out on the screen.  Okay, so at this point  we are super excited about the whole thing. So later in the day we also tested with a pregnancy test strip….The line was VERY faint. Hmmmm, it was saying “maybe you are and maybe you are NOT” to us. Damn!! Since we were unsure if we had gotten a  true positive either mornings  we decided that we needed an action plan. Our solution? Go to again and buy a was a bunch of different pregnancy tests. After getting there we decided to modify our plan, due to cost,  and buy just two varying kinds of preg.nancy tests. We really wanted to take a test this evening, but were worried about getting a false negative; (levels of hGC and so on and so on) so V kindly held her pee for 4 hours this evening.  So at 7:00 this evening we ended up with two very visible positives (fi.rst and gene.ric brand) and one I think it is sort of positive (preg test strip).

Here are the tests from this morning and this evening.

5-31-09 (1st pic)

The positive line on the last one is very faint, which of course worries us, so we are not going to feel completely sure that V is pregnant until a blood test. She will call our OB/GYN office tomorrow and and hopefully get to go in tomorrow morning to take a blood test to check for hCG levels. If the results come back and she has good levels of hCG in her system and an ectopic or chemical pregnancy is not suspected, then we will tell my immediate family. We can’t wait! To tell my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, that we are pregnant, we are going to be using white onesies and transfer printer paper that we bought on Saturday to  make  personalized onesies for each of them.

Please keep fingers crossed that the blood work shows a BFP and not something else!!

Sorry for the long post, I am sure many of you found the information irrelevant.  This blog was first created to be able to record and document our entire TTC process as well as pregnancy. We do not want to forget how we felt or the events that took place. The awesome community of amazing women is just the cool bonus.


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3 thoughts on “We Are In the Restaurant Business…..

  1. reproducinggenius on said:

    Oh my god! This is wonderful and amazing! It looks like you two are knocked up–even faint lines are good. I look forward to seeing the results of the OB appointment, but in the meantime, congratulations! Hooray for beginners’ luck!

  2. congratsssssssssss!

  3. Congratulations! That is wonderful. So very happy for you.

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