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The End? OR Maybe Not…………..

This morning V’s temperature dropped about .61 degrees and she has been lightly spotting. In the back of my mind I still have hope  that this is  implantation spotting, but it is a very slight glimmer of hope I am holding on to. I am preparing myself mentally for our first BFN. However, like I told V, when the baby we are meant have is made, then we will get our BFP. So we just might  have to continue to wait until it is time to have the perfect baby for us.

Revison-Hmmm, should I be holding on to a larger bit of hope???—V just came back from the bathroom and reported that there is no spotting. Is this implanatation spotting or just an abnormal  start to AF due to Cl.omid and Ov.idrel??? Today is cd 24 and 10 days past IUI.  

On a more upbeat note—I am not sure if I have previously mentioned what I do for a living, but I teach students with learning and behavior disorders in grades K-2.  And why is this upbeat you may ask?? Because, I only have 4 more days of teaching until summer break. I am pretty estactic about this occuring. This has been a whilrwind of a year!


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One thought on “The End? OR Maybe Not…………..

  1. It totally could be implantation spotting!

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