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Test or Not to Test….that is the Q.

We went to Tar.get tonight to get presents for   a bridal shower, a student birthday party and a college graduation party (all of which are occurring tomorrow). While there we bought a box of  Clea.r Bl.ue Eas.y pregnanc.y tests. Should we test tomorrow morning if AF does not come?  Tomorrow will be cd25 and 11dpIUI. Is it too early to test? When do you all typically test?


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5 thoughts on “Test or Not to Test….that is the Q.

  1. Do it! I try to wait until 12 dpiui, but I always buy the cheap ones at the dollar store until my period’s actually late.

  2. Day 10 seems right on for implantation spotting. Personally, I would wait a little longer than 11dpo to test because you might get a false negative. Waiting just one more day will give you more accurate results.

  3. Definitely wait until at least day 12. Even day 12 could be too early and you don’t want to see any negatives if it could actually be positive. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. 12dpo was when i got my BFP

  5. We would like to be those people who are able to wait until after their period is due to test, but in reality we test early (and often).

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