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1 week wait

Yay! We are now down to a one week wait. One short week  till I find out if my partner is making a baby for us. Oh, what a lovely and perfect baby it will be too, I am just sure of it. 

This week has been interesting. I have had emotions, thoughts and feelings that I have never had before. It has been pretty awesome to go through this experience. However, I am finding that as the time narrows before we find out if there is actually a bun in the oven, my optimism is narrowing too. I am sure this is because we are much closer to the big test….the test that I have no control over what so over. I am a control loving gal! Luckily, up to this point I have had some level of control of the TTC process. This is hard from me, but completely preparing me for the loss of control that comes with motherhood.

We are still charting her BBT, but think I will stop because as we round the bend and make the long stretch I fear that I will obsess majorly over her temps. I am already asking her a little too frequently how her boobs feel. The Ovid.rel has made them sore very early, so now I am asking her daily in hopes that hey remain sore as the Ov.idrel starts running out of her system.  

Our bathroom is coming along, but not done. This project has taken so much longer than expected. I am super glad that we didn’t wait to do this after V was a few months into her pregnancy. I think this evening I am gonna go out and buy some things that I think should be used for tiling and tile a portion of the wall beside the vanity. I have never tiled before but figure it is something that I could figure out. It can’t be all that hard, right?


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5 thoughts on “1 week wait

  1. The 1WW will drive you batty. The first time around, I was CONSTANTLY grabbing my own boobs when nobody was looking to se if they were sore. I’m a bit of a control freak too, so it’s very frustrating that the results of this major test were completely out of my hands. If only you could pull an all-nighter and study for a guaranteed BFP on a pregnancy test.
    It’s good to hear that the bathroom is coming along. You definitely wouldn’t want V dealing with morning sickness in a partially finished bathroom!

  2. Ur close..only a week to go. Good luck and my fingers r crossed for the big bfp!

  3. hi there! glad that you are making it through your two (and one) week wait with your sanity in tact! we did our first insemination last month and the second half of the tww kind of killed me (although the stomach flu i got was terribly unfair!). anyways, here’s hoping this is your only wait. keep thinking positively! and, good luck in these last couple of days!

  4. Hi there, just found your blog and wanted to say good luck and hope the last week isn’t too rough! Me and my wife are ttc too and I am constantly checking in on her symptoms as the tww ends so I know how you feel lol

  5. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll put you on my blogroll. I’m excited to catch up on your process so far and can’t wait to find out your results next week! Good luck!

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