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Remodeling, Sperm Count, and 2WW

It is only a few days past our first baby making attempt and I am already counting the days on the calendar. The 2ww is hard, and this is only our first one. I have been really positive and actually believe that there is a good possibility that V could become pregnant. This was  until I saw these horrible posts on a random website about how our chosen bank has sold numerous samples with very low numbers. Like in the 2 to 4 million range.  Seriously?!?! This was a major downer for me considering that we didn’thave our midwife check the count. So we have no idea what kind of number we are working with. This in turn made me think how  we did not look at them under the microscope so we have no idea if they were even mobile. Blahhh.

One good thing during this 2ww wait is that we our redoing our bathroom due to a  bad subfloor.  I am hoping that we get a lot more done tomorrow night and actually have a working shower in our house. (As of 5:45 today we have a working toilet)  We are displaced and have been staying at V’s Mom’s house. Love her and her husband but am ready to be home.

Here are some pictures taken a little after we had got started and up to where we are with it now . 
















































We still have a lot of work left to do. But I am glad that the floor has been layed and feel like we are past the halfway point. This has been a good distraction for both of us.


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3 thoughts on “Remodeling, Sperm Count, and 2WW

  1. It looks like your bathroom is coming along nicely. We’re going to be renters until my partner finishes her PhD so I have total house envy, even when I see what craziness can be involved. I’m glad to hear that it’s keeping you distracted during the TWW. The wait can be brutal!

  2. alimis on said:

    Smart move to wait until she is done with her PhD. A house can tie you down to a city. Yes, it is keeping us distracted. but the wait is still tough!

  3. good luck with the 2ww. It sucks but you will get through it. I think the first one is the most fun as you still on the high of the 1st iui. Good luck ssg

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