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I Am So Freaking Happy

Well, we did it. Today was the first, and hopefully only, IUI for Violet. (It’s early into our TTC and I am still super positive and excited. )It was pretty amazing. We went in at 8:30 this morning and were greeted by our midwife’s smiling and enthusiastic receptionist. We had been there yesterday and she knew that our IUI was this morning. so she  gave us a thumbs up and a few kind words. We were a bit surprised since we did not have lots of interaction with her, but it was comforting and made or butterflies in our stomach flutter even more. When our midwife came to get us out of the waiting room she pointed V to the restroom and brought me into the room. She handed me the vial of sp.erm and asked me if I could warm it up in my hand. It may be completely cheesy—-but I LOVED that I warmed the sp.erm up and got them up and moving so to speak. I felt that I got to play a part in the IUI and V becoming pregnant.

The actual procedure went rather quick, so much so that V did not even realize that it had been done. Our midwife was great as always and made V and I feel completely at comfort. While she was prepping her materials, she asked V what one of her  favorite places is. Then we all chatted about V’s favorite place (our families yearly vacation spot), this conversation made V feel more at ease and relaxed because she felt that our midwife was trying to get her in a good mental state. I was slightly concerned that conceiving our child via IUI in a doctor’s office would be incredibly clinical and too sterile. However, it was actually memorable and intimate in a way, because during the procedure I did get to stand beside her,  hold her hand, rub her head and then jump on the table and cuddle and be close together after we were left alone.  It was great to be able to be on the table with V  just be lovey with each other.

After we  left I turned to V and told her that I felt that we were in our own personal parade because as we were leaving we encountered about three or four staff members in a row that gave us words of encouragement about the IUI. These unexpected  and unsolicited staff  actions surprised us and  reassured us that we picked the right OB/GYN practice.  Being the first patients scheduled we did not have to wait too long so we had a bit of extra time to go eat breakfast together and just enjoy each others company before we had to separate and go about our day. It was a good way to end our very first try at becoming mommies.

And it closing…Our conversation just now……

Violet: Thanks for dinner.

Peony: Yep. Thanks for getting sperm shot up in you today.


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9 thoughts on “I Am So Freaking Happy

  1. The first time is so exciting!! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Sounds like a lovely first IUI! Here’s hoping it’s your last for a long time!

  3. Congratulations on your first (and hopefully only) IUI! It’s so great to hear that your experience was so positive. Best of luck to you- I hope the 2WW flies by!

  4. Hoping this is it for you!!

    We used California Cryobank for our donor.

  5. reproducinggenius on said:

    Happy first insemination! It sounds like it was a really lovely experience. What a great OB practice you have!

    Welcome to your very first (and hopefully only) two week wait. I hope it goes by quickly and ends with a huge positive! xoxo

    • alimis on said:

      Thank you for your words of encouragment! We hope it is V’sonly 2ww. We are so very optimistic. 🙂 We are lucky to have such a great OB practice, I know we are lucky.

  6. Good luck – hope the tww’s going well so far, and you get your bfp soon!

  7. Oh yay. This was lovely! What a wonderful experience.

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