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We Have a Dud

The has been messing up the OPK’s, so we went in this afternoon for another u/s to check on how everything is progressing. The follicle that was at 12 has not grown since Tuesday, meaning it has fizzled out…..and became a dud. Luckily, on the right side there is a follicle that was not previously seen and is measuring at 16, which is good since V is on CD 10.

We thought that V was going to have an LH  today; therefore, putting the IUI on Sunday (36 hours after the LH  surge).  This is clearly not going to happen. We are going to keep testing with OPK’s to see when V is going to have her LH surge, if she does not have it by Tuesday then we will have to ship the swimmers to the bank and have them restore it till next month. Lets hope for a surge before Tuesday. I am very nervous about the timing of everything.

My parents, sister and her boyfriend came over this evening to help us gut our bathroom.  (a previous leak had caused a corner of the tub to sink down a few inches) We got a lot of tile ripped off and the cast iron tub busted out. Thank god for wonderful and handy family members. Our bathroom has been an issue for sooo long and am so psyched to get this big project up and moving. Plus, we get to spend time with our family which is awesome.


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