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Blogging by Bullet

I am so tired after a long day at work and then continued work in the yard, which is coming along fabulous, therefore tonights post will be in bullets. I actually enjoy blogging by bullet points. I think it is conducive to my attention lacking brain.

  • Tuesday we had our u/s to check for follicles. Good news is that there is one large follicle that was measuring 12 on Tuesday. Our midwife also gave us a prescription for a trigger shot. We had not discussed this with her beforehand, but were glad that she mentioned it before we did.
  • We picked our donor, finally!  Even better then picking the donor is that we feel that this is the perfect donor for us. I am very relieved, because we were cutting it sooooo close!  We had to order the sperm today, so that it would arrive in time for the scheduled IUI, and we did not actually decide on the donor until Tuesday night at 1 am. At midnight we had narrowed it down to two donors that we liked; however, I turned to V and said “I don’t think that  we have found our donor”. Which was a frightening thing for me to say to V because we have been talking about and preparing ourselves for this for what feels like forever. With that revelation, I re-clicked on one of the donors profiles and realized we had not heard his audio recording. As soon as I heard it I knew he was perfect….and something had taken us weeks to decide on was decided on in about one second. So the swimmers are  now on a Fe.dE.x truck and on their way here. Wow!
  • Our IUI is scheduled for Sunday  at 6pm — as long as V has an LH surge tomorrow. I love that our midwife is willing to come into the office on Sunday at 6 in the evening. We can hardly contain our excitement.
  • I have always been protective of V, but find that as we are preparing her body for pregnancy I have been extra protective of her. I can only imagine that these feelings will magnify greatly once we are pregnant.
  • I absolutely love that we are so positive and excited about trying to conceive. The nurse practitioner student  that was shadowing our midwife during our visit the other day told V and I that we already have the new pregnant glow–due to the fact that we are all smiles right now.   If it takes months or years to conceive I hope I always retain a big portion of this positivity.
  • On a completely different note, we are gutting and redoing our bathroom this weekend. Luckily we are going to save some money because my dad is going to help us do this job. We are hoping to do the whole job this weekend I am not sure how unrealistic that comment is yet. We have been planning on redoing our bathroom for about a year now and am so freaking ready to get it done. It will nice to have the bathroom done and not hanging over our heads anymore. The less stress the best is my philosophy right now.
  • Things are going good!

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