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Our First Month…Cycle Concerns

Today is Cyle Day 1 for V. I have never been so pleased to hear that V started her period as I was today. Oh my gosh, we are at the very beginning of the actual TTC rollercoaster. Up until this point we have just doing prep w0rk, fun and exciting prep work, but nevertheless still just prep work. With today being CD1, we are in the beginning of out first TTC cycle. This is something that we will only go through once, the first cycle I think will carry emotions and expectations that are different from any future cycles that might occur. I vow that I will enjoy every second of this month and not get stressed out.  I tend to stress and worry…a lot.  It’s rather ridiculous. We only got to track two cycles since we pushed our TTC date up by a few month so I am not sure how this month will go. Two cycles ago she ovulated on days 9/10 and only had a 20 day cycle. The last cycle V ovulated on days 13/14 and had a 26 day cycle. I am not sure what this cycle will be like. This of course stresses me out a bit because I don’t know when to have the sperm shipped. Hmmmm, should I expect another 2o day cycle with ovulation on days 9/10??  Do periods lengths typically rotate every other month? Is that a stupid question??


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2 thoughts on “Our First Month…Cycle Concerns

  1. Are you shipping to your home, or to a clinic? If you ship to a clinic, they can usually just put your specimens in their freezers for you so you can order as early as you like. If you have it sent to your home, most sperm banks will ship in a nitrogen tank that will last a few days. Personally, I’ve always ordered a little on the early side. I tend to get a bit stressed too, and like to be sure that eveything is in order.

  2. Hope your TTC journey is easy and short!

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