Mommies In The Making


A little over a week ago P had a suprise for me.  We were getting ready to grab some dinner on a Thursday.  We were setting in my truck and P said she was thinking about saving the suprise until we became pregnant, but because of the circumstances of the day (my LH surge and we had our first appointment with the midwife) she decided to give me my gift that day. 

 Let me start by saying that  I am slightly emotional….P would say extremely I am sure.  I opened my gift, not knowing what to expect, and wow was I suprised!!!  It was a little onesie that she had gone on line and created!  My nickname for our kids is going to be Mimmy.  The onesie had a picture of a cute little elephant and a giraffe (one of my favorite animals).  The lettering on the onesie was “I Love My Mimmy” .   100_0223


 So often we have been out looking at baby clothing and there are always “I Love My Mommy” shirts out there.  I knew I would never come across a Mimmy shirt.  I was so moved with how thoughtful this gift was I began to cry.  At first she didn’t think I liked it, but when I slightly lost it I believe that she realized how much I absolutely loved it.  I told her our baby will have to wear it every other day.

I am such a lucky girl.  I love P so much!



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