Mommies In The Making

So Two Lesbians Walked Into a Bar…….

P: I am starting to think that this may not be a too bad of an idea. I am so sick of thinking about the following…..

  • sperm costs
  • cost of IUI samples
  • Id Consent Donors
  • how many vials will we need in the future
  • how are we going to pay (NOW) for the 6-8 vials that we will need for the future??
  • What is the right thing to do???

V and I are totally able to pay for her upcoming inseminations that will lead to our first child. However, we are not able to pay for monthly inseminations combined with the amount of sperm that we will need to put in long term storage for a future sibling. We really want to use because we feel very comfortable with the services that they provide and  they also  have a good number of ID Consent Donors— we are sure that we want to use an ID Consent Donor.  However, they are the most expensive! I am not sure how many vials  we  should buy for the future? If we buy too many, then will only buy back the samples at 50% of what we paid for them. What if we order not enough and our children are not genetically linked? How important is it if our children are not genetically linked?  Also, it is going to cost us almost $1,000 each month we try. We are looking at a lot of money all at once!  It will definitely ALL be very worth it, without a doubt. I am a teacher and the money is not flowing in with endless abundancy.—- I think most of us are aware of what kind of salaries public school teachers receive. — I am feeling very stressed and overwhelmed financially! Wow, I am not sure what we are going to do. How many vials did the rest of you put back for future siblings?


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