Mommies In The Making

My girl

I feel very fortunate to have P in my life.  She definitely leads the way when it comes to keeping our posts updated on this site.  I feel that I have no worries when it comes to her taking care of me.  She is very attentive and loving. 

I have the first doctors appointment next week.  Its surreal to think that the first step to being a mimmy is so close.  I am feeling anxious about it, but in a good way.  I have a lot of excitement about this new experience (I make it sound so cold).   For me right now, it feels like I am getting ready to ride a new roller coaster.  One that has been anticipated for a long time.  It has a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, but is guaranteed to be the ride of your life.  Plus, I get P to be by my side the entire time.  Any concerns, fears, or excitement that I may feel, I will have her there with me to share.  It’s a very exciting time.  I not only am looking forward to my experience through this, but I am very excited for P’s time in the drivers seat.  We will make great mommies.

One thing that seems to stay on my mind is that I need to hold off on sharing our pregnancy with some of my family members.  Mainly because we want to make sure that we have no complications with the pregnancy before we share this news.  I know its for the best, but it takes some control not to talk about something so big that will be occurring soon.  I think the morning sickness will give me away.  I do have a niece that I can confide in, so that is nice.  I am glad I have P.


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